The Home Studio Collective


Music is changing. Both in the way it is created, and in the way it is distributed. The ability to create high quality content for mass distribution, is no longer limited to large recording facilities

The home recording studio is now common place, and it’s owner is constantly evolving becoming even more sophisticated.

The Home Recording Studio Collective is a resource for Home Recording Studio Owners everywhere. Providing a means by which Musicians, Producers, Songwriters, Artists and Creative individuals of all levels can exchange ideas, tips, tricks, and techniques used in creating todays content.

Feel free to leave comments on topics you would like to see discussed. Along with questions pertaining to the modern Home Recording Studio.

The Home Studio Collective was founded by Kenny Seymour.

Professional Musician/Composer/Arranger and Home Studio Owner.

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4 Responses to “The Home Studio Collective”

  1. Tj Says:

    Hey,I’m doing a paper at uni on the way in which Home/Project Recording Studios are becoming more and more a part of today’s mainstream music industry. I would be great to get some ideas of examples where home studios have had a significant effect on an artist’s career, or a small (or large!lol) record label’s rise, or the quality of a song or soundtrack that would be readily recognised..
    Please e-mail me if anything of help comes to mind… i’ll be sure to send you a copy of the finished project…lol.
    Kind regards.

  2. Lorenz @ XARC Mastering Says:

    A VERY good idea! Since many of the people I work with are homestudio owners, I will let them know about your site in my next newsletter. Thanks for the great resource.

  3. Brodi Valos Says:

    Hi Kenny!
    I’m looking forward to building a studio in my new home’s basement. Concrete floors and walls all around… what do you suggest to best sound proof the room from the rest of the house and of course outside/inside the house?

  4. kenboogie Says:

    Hey Brodi,

    Congrats on the new home and the space allocated for your studio. Well you have half the battle won already (Concrete Floors and Walls).

    There are many alternatives. The vary by price.

    You can start with inexpensive foam egg carton style panels

    moving up to thick industrial carpeting

    to professional MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or Hardboard (Involving possible construction – (Floor and ceiling panels)).

    It depends on your budget.

    One note: depending on what level you would like to build your studio at (Basic to elaborate home set-up).
    You may want to look at professional sound treatment.
    Meaning a professional acoustic treatment specialist to come in and assess your space and recommend appropriate sonic solutions such as ” Bass Traps (Sound Baffles that can capture low frequency sound)etc.

    But then again it depends on your budget.

    Hope this was helpful.



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